Online Dog Training Class Tomorrow, May 20

We’re celebrating National Dog Rescue Day with a great online class, Wednesday, May 20 at 5:30 p.m. Author-trainer Gordon Fontaine of Zen Dog Training leads this Zoom class to raise funds for Scout Magazines and Great Dog Rescue New England, and maybe even a great dog named Scout.  Fontaine will provide tips for common problems, guidance for common behaviors and answer training questions. 

If you can’t make the class but still want to donate? Scout will share 50% of the donations collected on May 20th with the Great Dog . It’s free and fun but we ask that you do donate to the cause. Don’t have it in your budget to donate? We feel you. A like and a tweet would be really helpful too. We appreciate support, big and small.

Click on this link to tune in to the event:

Now if only Gordon could make the interim editor stop squealing every time he sees a puppy pic.