Scout Spotlight: Chocolate Reign

We’ll admit, a couple weeks back we were more than a tad bit jealous of a neighbors down South and their chocolate festival … jealous enough to brave then ten minute trek on the Red Line, even. Well, jeal no more, fellow Somervillians–we’re getting our own celebration of the sweet stuff, right in time for […]

A Double Dose of SCATV

On Tuesday, January 28, KyAnn Anderson and Joe Lynch of “Greater Somerville” fame premiered an all new “Somerville Neighborhood News” broadcast. The program explored a range of topics, including how international students transition to life at Somerville High School and the latest reactions to higher property taxes and gentrification.  

Community Cooks’ Elizabeth Shaw-Caffrey Visits ‘Greater Somerville’

On a recent episode of “Greater Somerville,” host KyAnn Anderson chatted with Community Cooks’ Elizabeth Shaw-Caffrey. Community Cooks is non-profit which started in Somerville in 1991 and has a network of more than 300 volunteers that offer home-cooked meals to hungry neighbors in the community by partnering with other non-profits.

The Scout Needs Poems

There’s a little over a week left until the deadline for submissions to our Poetry issue–it’s time to compose or decompose, people! Give some airy nothings local habitations and names, already! Details after the jump.

Feature: Something in the Water

  By Joey Del Ponte and Scout Staff At times, this city’s past reads like historical fiction: Jonathan Franzen living down the street from fellow author Isaac Asimov’s old digs. A future-president studying the pinnacle of law at Harvard while living down the street from the garage where gangster Whitey Bulger once (allegedly) seemed willing […]

Sarma: Smoking Basturma Behind the High School

By Adam Bezigian Photos by Susan Cushner, courtesy of Sarma Sarma (249 Pearl St.), a long anticipated new restaurant in Winter Hill, burst into the party in October and may very well disrupt the whole scene. From an epicurean standpoint, the scene is particularly easy to disrupt. Winter Hill is historically known for chop shops […]

Scout Out: The Funkadelic Fashion of The Nephrok Allstars

By Micaela Kimball Photos By Shef Reynolds One of my first interactions with Nephtaliem “Neph” McCrary – of local funk band The Nephrok Allstars –occurred outside the Bank of America ATM machine in Central Square, where the singer told me he had just come from spending almost three hours posing nude for an art class. […]