Cambriville Connects unifies two cities

There have always been talks about a hushed rivalry between Somerville and Cambridge, when really each city both have great things to offer—Somerville being a bit more residential, Cambridge being a bit more commercial. That can be proven by Jennifer Lawrence (no, not from The Hunger Games) and Pardis Saffari’s new movement to meld both […]

Signs of support throughout Somerville

It’s been said that true strength is shown when people can come together and rise during times of tragedy. And that’s what the community of Somerville did. After yesterday’s unforeseen events at the Boston Marathon’s finish line, random acts of kindness and love were spread throughout Davis Square through chalked messages and free flowers.

Blaze on Holland leaves Davis Square tense

A fire near Davis Square left the area feeling tense, as the flames forced lanes from Holland Street to Simpson Avenue to be shut down earlier this morning. The blaze took place at 68-70 Holland St. across the street from Orleans Restaurant at approximately 11 a.m. Firefighters were able to contain the blaze in about […]

Relive Paul Revere’s historic ride on April 15

Wanna travel through time and revisit the days of yore? Somerville’s Historic Preservation Commission is re-living Paul Revere’s historic ride (although, as some know, Revere is revered thanks to Henry Wadworth Longfellow’s poem while his peers like William Dawes are historically overlooked)  from Boston through Somerville and onto Lexington and Concord. The 2013 Colonial Fair […]

Weekend warrior edition April 12-14

Revisit the glory days of sci-fi radio drama, then dispose properly of your cell phone because it might be an alien tracking device. Learn how to silk-screen T-shirts and tote bags, then hit up the local craft market and mingle with the pros. Sign up for a health and fitness challenge, then gorge yourself on […]

Ward 5 Shocker: O’Donovan Stepping Down

BY ADAM VACCARO Ward 5 alderman Sean O’Donovan will step down from the Board of Aldermen this evening, nominating Courtney O’Keefe to take his place for the remainder of his term. Members of the board were told about the decision last night, according to a number of sources familiar with the board. The information was […]

Union Square’s Bronwyn adds German accent

Arguably one of Somerville’s most anticipated new restaurants, Bronwyn in Union Square is shaping up thanks to some foreign accents to the building’s exterior, including a sausage-inspired “wurst” and “weinstube,” which is German for a wine bar or tavern. Tim Weichmann, chef and owner of Bronwyn in Union Square, said a few weeks ago that […]

Revamped ordinance for street performers?

After a summer of discourse, street performers might be legally heading back to the streets. Aldermen on the city’s Legislative Matters Committee will meet tomorrow to possibly replace an ordinance that asks street performers to have a permit. Some aldermen are concerned that this decades-old law violates the First Amendment. Rebekah Gerwitz, for one, said […]

Assembly Row boasts new ASSEMBLED market

There’s a new arts-and-crafts market called ASSEMBLED: The Handmade Arts Market at Assembly Row. Kicking off Saturday, May 18, the weekly event will take place at Assembly Row, the bustling new development being created along the Mystic River. Slotted to run every Saturday until September 21, ASSEMBLED will boast food trucks, musical acts and ETSY […]

Spoke Wine Bar opens new digs in Davis Square

Listen up, foodies. Spoke Wine Bar, the chic new hot spot located at 89 Holland St. next to Dave’s Fresh Pasta, has opened up an old-school vino bar in the spot formerly occupied by Black & Blues clothing store. Paul Christie, the well-respected mixologist from the former Gargoyles, is tending bar and serves up offerings that […]

Weekend warrior edition April 5 – 8

Bored on the weekend? Well, you shouldn’t be. As always, Somerville has plenty of stuff going on this weekend. Perhaps you like the Sci-fi crowd: if so, make sure to check out PRMP’s Spring Sci-fi festival. Maybe you’re into beer? Then don’t miss the New England Real Ale eXhibition Cask Party. Or, if you want […]

Artists with disabilities get Outside the Lines

Don’t let people with disabilities fool you because they’re actually full of capabilities, especially at Outside the Lines Studio. In a community that’s so art-inspired, Outside the Lines is an alternative arts-based day program for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. In conjunction with two similar Philadelphia art programs sponsored by Resources for Human Development, […]