Pawblo Picasso Unveils New Product Line

Pawblo Picasso

“Schnauzerberries taste like Schnauzerberries!”

So begins the post announcing what may become an annual tradition with Pawblo Picasso, Somerville’s purveyor of pet portraiture. If you buy one of two limited edition 2016 desk calendars, you may find yourself the winner of a number of pawful prizes. Hidden amongst the calendars, which come in dog and cat varieties, are the golden tickets that will get you there.

The calendars are just a small part of a larger merchandise line that local painter Melissa King has announced. She started the product development after earning a grant from the Massachusetts Growth Capital Corporation (via Assets for Artists).

“It’s been a real challenge for me to come up with merchandise because people are really interested in breeds of dogs,” she says. “It’s crazy to think of the amount of inventory I’d have to carry to appeal to all the dog breeds, so I was trying to come up with something to appeal to people who just love dogs in general.”

The new line will include desk calendars, wrapping paper, temporary tattoos and pocket journals. The calendars are available in both dog and cat varieties, and feature actual commissioned portraits—which means, somewhere out there, that furry friend that you’ll stare at all month is real.

Like last year, King is teaming up with the Animal Rescue League of Boston to spread some goodwill as the holidays roll around. Fifteen percent of King’s profits from calendar sales will be donated to the organization, which King says she continues working with because of their “really excellent job of spreading awareness of rescuing animals.”