PHOTOS: Pindrop at Aeronaut

Aeronaut, October 2017. Photo by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

Of all the companies bending backwards in the digital age to create an approachable wackiness for viral approval, breweries tend to be the most egregious offenders of cheap Twitter laughs. Thankfully, Aeronaut Brewing Company’s creative output doesn’t need a gimmick.

The Somerville-based brewery quickly built up a name over the last half-decade putting quality beer on the same platform as an eclectic taste in the arts. Beloved selections come with titles like Hop, Hop, and Away or A Year With Dr. Nandu, paired just as eccentrically with red, white, and blue sketches of vaguely patriotic psychedelia or a superhero rabbit blasting past a ghost on the moon. The brewery’s greatest hits along with future chart-topping beers mingle at its seasonal block parties in Allston with performers running the gamut of local rap, folk, DIY rock, and brass bands.

In terms of showing Somerville some love, Aeronaut heralded the fall weather this past Sunday with an appropriately subdued, yet nevertheless impressive orchestral performance in their home brewery. The Boston Chamber Symphony launched the series with Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.

It’s honestly hard to describe how poetically stunning it is to see a traditional full orchestra amidst the steel drums and pipes of a brewery, so we sent our photo director Adrianne Mathiowetz to set the scene for us.