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If independent journalism was in peril before Covid-19, it is certainly on the ropes now. But here at Scout we are getting back in the fight. We’ve taken some big hits and we need you in our corner.

We need to sign up 500 members now to know we have got enough to support to weather this storm. And we’ll need to add 2,500 new members through the fall to continue publishing.

A Decade of Working Together

For years, Scout Cambridge and Scout Somerville have been supported by the small business community through advertising sales and partnerships with local businesses.

Those ads and partnerships paid for writers and editors and photographers to write about local entrepreneurs, volunteers and creators. Those small businesses are now the hardest hit by the compounding crises of 2020. 

We need your support to tell these stories. Every membership, every share and every like sends the signal to our local business community that you believe in the power of local love.

It tells mom and pop shops from Cambridgeport to Teele Square, Kendall to Union, that you support our mission to seek out what is special about our community. 

An Independent Future

The beauty of a diverse and dynamic community is that there are so many wonderful stories and so many fascinating people. But we need the community and business owners together to continue our mission.

As a publication we have learned that we need a diverse and dynamic financial foundation to cover these neighborhoods with the depth and expertise they deserve. 

Scout has  survived these last few months because of you, our neighbors and friends. Your support through the spring has helped us stay afloat and your continued support will help keep local media vital and independent.

Become a Scout Member

To ensure public safety and accessibility, Scout will not be delivering print editions to newsstands and businesses during the pandemic. Our goal is to come back bigger and better. Your support will help make this massive undertaking possible.

This media in our region is often controlled by billionaires and hedge funds. Content farming and SEO hoarding are more prevalent than actual reporting. Which is why independent media is more important than ever.

Scout stories are your stories. Scout partners are small business owners and local businesses, your businesses. 

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