Reader Poetry: Crocus


Crocus, From What We Love
By Ed Meek

You poke your head through the snow
to show your face, the first guest to arrive
before the hosts are ready. You ring the bell
dressed in your Easter outfit:
Violet Lady-killer, Ice Blue Pearl,
Star-veined Blue Bird.

You bring good news—a promise
nature will keep, a rumor
that will prove true. Yellow Saturnus,
White Snow-bunting. You scout ahead, fearless:
Jeanne d’Arc—fragile yet unflinching
in March’s damp wind.

Maybe you long for the company
of your wild sisters, sirens who call
from your roots in the Mediterranean.
Or maybe it’s enough to be here in New England
surrounded by your brave, colorful cousins—
the annual happy surprise,
the first harbinger of spring.