Reader Poetry: My Greatest Gift to You


My Greatest Gift to You

By Eugene J. Doe of Cambridge, for her sister who is a Somerville resident

Little sister, there is only so much I can say…
On this Saturday vigil before the Lord’s
And you know how adverse I am on
putting my emotions on public display …
but you be rest assured that I will be in a
house of God with my knees bent, head
bowed as I think of our life spent together as
I pray:

Lord Jesus, she has two little girls who
are being shaped, molded and polished
like two beautiful little pearls
What would life be like without my baby
sister whom I nicknamed “Tammy Twirls”?
How could you replace her of as one of
the city of Somerville’s very best?
I beg you God don’t put them to that
awful test
but deep down I know you’ll supply  her
with ample rest
so that when she goes back to work,
she’ll be full of zeal … as well as rest

What about the folks at Good Times in
Assembly Square?
Don’t you see the big void that would be
left there?
I am sure she has many friends that
truly care because her job entails more
than bringing bubbly cheer or
serving up the menu’s daily fare.
Remember coworkers tend to bond and
I pray they won’t have to shed a tear.
I always keep in mind what you have
always said: “My children have faith…
and let go of the fear.”

What about her friends and family to
name a few?
Everyone knows there is a final curfew
but many believe this life is many years
away before it becomes past due
because her motto has always been: “I’ll
do whatever I have to do!”
So Lord, I hope many follow my cue
by spending countless hours before you,
kneeling silently in a church pew.

Lord, I know you hear me, she’s more
Than mother, worker, family or friend-
Shes your baby daughter
And she’s going to be fighting these
summer months as it grows hotter and
Pleas Lord, don’t forget to give her little
Sips of your cool, clean healing … Holy

Tammy, I know I don’t have much to say
But my “Greatest Gift To You” is that I’ll
pray and pray.  Enjoy this very, very
special day.
A God-given gift on this 10th of May.