Reader Poetry: U.S. Freedom

“U.S. Freedom”
By AnonymousMy soul yearns to be free
To love another like me
But since my existence
The government says no with persistence

They killed my will
And it made me ill
For years I was blind
Now I have a mind

I’m told a heart is not for love
But I know better from the one above
They say I have no choice
So now its time to use my voice

The word freedom they always use
But all they know how to do is abuse
The country I thought I knew
Turned out to be the Russia I was told about when I grew

You are free as long as you do as I say
If not, we’ll make sure you pay
I speak of intimacy and a genuine connection
They say we’ll give you a toy to appease your erection

God Bless America is a popular quote
But the lord’s ways are far and remote