Reader Poetry: Untitled



By Frances McCormick

davis square
in the glow of the morning sun
shaped & spaced
a flight of falling pigeons swoop off the roof’s edge
as they & their shadows fan across the vanguard’s brick façade
all in tandem
& fly back up to the ledge
& settle in a row

     the minuteman bikeway
the path is parisian under a gothic arch of graceful trees
& behind storefront windows toddlers of every color are doing nursery school things
& at tannery brook row     a doggie play area
where corgis terriers poodles & mutts gambol & prance & pounce
further down
stretches of tall tasseled grasses sway in the clay pits
& young footballers practice running backwards in the suspension of dusk
their shadows long & black on the damp green grass
& all ages whistle by on bikes
calling out to strolling couples or hurrying walkers

     & what to eat?
a reubens at daves  or chips at the burrin  & catfish or calamari & all that jazz at johnny d’s
some redbones real pit bbq  or retro at the diesel  & eggs burgers crepes indian italian sushi!
or jp licks ice cream in the square   & richardson’s with a flick at the somerville theater
or the spirit of mike’s    the foundry’s crab&fishcakes   & posto’s pizza   or flatbread’s
eat & bowl
why not?

 at night the trees
lift their branches with tangles of tiny lights
singing “it is always the season for celebration!”