Revolutionary Clinics Offers Marijuana-Themed Comedy

MarijuanaMarihuanayMedicina / Flickr Creative Commons

Medical marijuana dispensaries are still new to Somerville, and Revolutionary Clinics—recently opened in East Somerville—is aiming to make getting educated fun.

The dispensary hosts patient education nights every Thursday, and this week is hosting a free, marijuana-themed comedy show featuring comedians from Greater Boston.

Patient Advocate Matthew Fear is behind the “Cannabis Comedy” night. He’s been doing comedy since 1994, and got involved with ImprovBoston when he moved to the area in 2014. Fear, who will host the night, met all the performers from his comedy “side gig” and from going into the community.

The show will feature storytelling and stand-up comedy. The performers—Laura Clark, Lauren Brown, Alan Richardson, Pamela Ross, and Wes Hazard—will share funny stories about their experiences with marijuana.

While the performance will focus more on anecdotes than straight information, Fear says that comedy is a great way to communicate about marijuana.

“People like listening to other people’s experiences and I think comedy is a good way for people to relax and understand that, sure, sometimes crazy things happen while you’re under the influence of cannabis, but it’s all things that you can look back and laugh on,” he says.

“Cannabis Comedy” will start at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 28 at 67 Broadway. The show is free and there’s free parking available.