Sanity Saver: Puppet Storytime with the Somerville Public Library

Somerville Public Libray is the throwing parents of small children a lifeline. This Saturday marks the return of the library’s Puppet Storytime with Leigh and Friends. There’s a book, there’s a few puppets. It is very chill. Mercifully chill.

Nothing is unboxed. There are no kid-fluencers. There aren’t any lightsabers or Trolls on tour or ear-worm theme songs that will haunt your dreams. Just quality stories, read well, in quick videos. A total lifesaver.

My kid loved “Waiting Is Not Easy”. He exhibited all the signs that he will watch it a thousand times if he could. So I subscribed to Somerville Public Library YouTube channel. It will come in handy.

Negotiating the new normal with someone that will lick a playground slide is tough and library-grade normalcy is helpful. A story read is different than a story watched, and kids know that. Kids need that. So three cheers for the library.  Ten minutes of relative calm is huge.

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