Thank You for Getting Us Through March, a Plea for April

First and foremost, thank you to all who have donated to our March fundraiser, supported us on Patreon, shared our posts, read our articles, participated in #TheFrontStepsProject, and given us words of encouragement these past few weeks. Your support truly means the world to us, and is the reason we have been able to keep publishing our articles. The $5,000 we raised via donations helped cover our most basic expenses for March—we were able to pay writers and keep the websites running. 

Going forward, with support from our community, we will continue with an online-first model. Our scheduled May/June print issue, themed “The Startup Scene,” is indefinitely postponed. In the interim, we are going through the necessary processes to apply for various relief funds. We are exploring other options to keep Scout in our community for the long-term. Currently, our publisher is not receiving pay, our designer’s pay is greatly reduced, and like most small businesses, we are deferring or simply falling behind on other expenses. 

But we are hopeful and we have a few goals:

1) Continue creating relevant content, and publishing it online. To do this, we need $10,000—a budget of $2,500 per week.

2) Produce and publish a free, digital magazine, which would allow us to continue to employ our graphic designer, who has been laying out the pages of Scout for a decade. This would also allow us to open our editorial budget a little more. We can do this if we reach $17,000. 

If we are successful, then we can:

3) Look forward to a healthier future. We could ensure that we do not fall further behind on our various expenses; start planning to return to our regular print operation and make a free magazine that would be available to everyone, regardless of internet connectivity; and offer a little more security to our Scout team. To accomplish this, we would need to reach $25,000. 

To meet these goals, we need to turn to you once again. We are continuing to accept donations online, and on Patreon. #TheFrontStepsProject fundraising effort is going on through April, where our photographers have ventured out to take photos of our readers from a safe distance in return for a donation of any size. 

We are also always looking for your suggestions. Scout has always been a community publication—and not only are we looking for community support, we are looking for community input. Tell us how you want to see Scout moving forward. Think of us as a resource. Let us know by emailing your ideas, comments, questions, concerns at

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You can also send a check to: Banks Publications – 519 Somerville Ave. #314, Somerville, MA 02143.

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We are grateful for Cambridge Local First, and its executive director Theodroa Skeadas, who have been instrumental in helping us and other small businesses throughout this time. CLF has generously allowed us to use their website for our landing page for donations. 

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Send all news tips to We want to continue to support small businesses through this, and to continue to amplify their fundraising efforts as well.

About the Author

Lilly Milman
Lilly Milman is the managing editor at Scout Magazines. She started as an intern while attending Emerson College in downtown Boston, where she received a B.A. in Writing, Literature and Publishing.