Scout Guide: Union Square Farmers Market

farmers market posterThe winter was long, dark, cold and painfully devoid of local produce.

But after months spent huddled by the radiator subsisting on pickled beets and Market Basket mac ‘n’ cheese, the people of Somerville can rejoice, because the 2013 Union Square Farmers Market is finally here! From tomorrow all the way until November, come every Saturday to fill your larders with great bagfuls of farm-fresh greengrocery.

Our beloved Farmers Market, though, has far more to offer than just farm stock. From bakers to cheesemakers to apiarists to popsicle artisans, every corner of the food and drink domain has a place on the Plaza. Below is Scout Somerville’s guide to the top five things other than fruits and veggies you ought to blow your paycheck on tomorrow:

1. Gluten-free baked goods from Violette

Don’t let the “gluten-free” part scare you off – the celiac-friendly baked goods from Cambridge’s Violette are tasty enough to give even the finest of conventional confections a run for their money. Their French macaroons and chocolate amaretto bread pudding will have the stubbornest carb-freaks clamoring for a bite.

2. Ocean Ave Pops from Culinary Cruisers

Offset the summer swelter with watermelon-basil, ginger-grapefruit or any other of Ocean Ave’s many varieties of artisanal popsicle, handcrafted right here in Somerville and sold at Culinary Cruisers, a pedal-powered mobile food stand that also offers gourmet donuts and kombucha on tap.

3. Mead from Green River Ambrosia

It’s not just for Norse warriors anymore! Made with fermented local honey from Deerfield’s Warm Colors Apiary, this draft of Odin is crisp, dry and floral, perfect for a warm summer day. Be sure to also sample Ginger Libation, Green River’s spicy and effervescent ginger brew.

4. Burrata from Fiore di Nonnoburrata

Burrata is fresh mozzarella fashioned in the shape of a pouch and filled with creamy mascarpone – in other words, cheese stuffed with more cheese. Nothing more need be said, except that Fiore di Nonno’s burrata flavors include honey lavender and chili, fig and savory za’atar.

5. Poster from Union Press

Once your stomach has been sated, feast your eyes on this year’s gorgeous, sunrise-themed Union Square Farmer’s Market poster (above), hand-printed by Union Press in a limited run of just 140 and available exclusively at the Farmers Market. They will go fast, so pick yours up ASAP if you don’t want an awkward gap in your Farmers Market poster collection. -Nick Cox

The Union Square Farmers Market happens every Saturday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. from June 1 until November 23 in Union Square Plaza. Check the website often for updates about vendors, live music and special events.