SCOUT PICK: Art, Tech and Virtual Reality Meet in “Interdisciplinary”

interdisciplinary"Beez and Legz-2" by Jiyun Jung of Chicago. (Oil Painting, Photography.)

“We’re not all on a straight and narrow path, us creative people,” Danielle Festa laughs. “You do a little bit of what you’re passionate about, you do a little bit of what’s practical to make money.”

Festa is the founder of Creative Living Works, an online networking and skill-sharing platform where people in different creative industries share their expertise. As a web designer and a crafter, Festa is the type of person who’s drawn to outside-the-box ideas, which she’ll get to explore IRL with “Interdisciplinary,” an exhibit at Washington Street that opens this Saturday, January 9. “I loved the crossover of ideas that was happening on the site, so I was hoping to bring it into the real world in an art show,” she explains.

“Interdisciplinary” will unite multiple artistic disciplines (obviously), bringing together creators who work with different types of media and cover an array of subjects in their work. It’s a juried show, and participating artists hail from all over the U.S. and as far away as Ireland. Unique, experimental art is encouraged.


“Yellow and Sienna on Pink” by Derick Smith. (Acrylic on board.)

What sets this exhibit apart is that it won’t only live on the walls of Washington Street. The opening reception will also be broadcast in virtual reality, making this show one of the first of its kind. “This is totally new territory for me,” Festa says, “but I think it’ll be a fun experiment. Whether you’re a local ‘Villen who’s just too tired to leave the house on Saturday, or you’re unable to attend the opening because you live in a far-flung corner of the globe, you’ll still be able to stream the opening in 3D. (Don’t know how, exactly, you’d go about doing that? Google Cardboard, a DIY virtual reality kit that’s literally made out of cardboard and works with a smartphone, is available for less than $20 from some retailers.)

The show is also collaborative and educational in nature. In runs through January 30, during which time Washington Street will host related workshops like “From Imagination to Reality:
How to Turn an Idea into a Photograph
” (January 16) and a Shibori Dying class (January 24).

“I like that there’s not these hard rules that used to be there about how you’re making art,” Festa says. “It’s kind of fun.”

“Interdisciplinary” Opening Reception
January 9, 7-10 p.m.
Street, 321D Washington Street