SCOUT PICK: “JACKED” at Warehouse XI

warehouse xiTwo recent works by artist David Taylor

“I had an art show two years ago, back in 2013, that got robbed,” says artist David Taylor (a.k.a. DS7), explaining the inspiration for the moniker of his upcoming art show. “They broke in in the middle of the night—and these are large paintings, you can’t just put them in your car—and they took nine of the paintings. I got jacked.”

He estimates the combined value of those stolen works to be close to $20,000 and says that, unfortunately, he’s never recovered any of them. The loss of those paintings is especially frustrating given Taylor’s painting style, a unique, time-consuming process that involves using screens and spray paint to create seemingly pixelated, pop-art style portraits of celebrities, musicians, athletes and actors.

Still, Taylor hasn’t let that deter him—he’s is picking up where that last show left off with an exhibit tomorrow night at Warehouse XI in Union Square that will be his biggest show to date since the robbery. The show will feature the works of Taylor and area artist Charles Win, who also trades in vibrant, stylized, oversized portraits. Win, too, paints people who are newsworthy, though they tend to be activists rather than artists. This body of work includes large scale renderings of Wikileaks mastermind Julian Assange, the late anti-Internet censorship hacktivist Aaron Swartz and, of course, Edward Snowden. “I think all their messages need to be talked about more,” Win explains, “so the paintings are a representation of their conversations—and hopefully a conversation starter.”

Saturday, November 7
JACKED Graffiti Art Show
4-11 p.m., Free
Warehouse XI, 11 Sanborn Ct.
(Exhibit runs through 11/30)