SCOUT PICKS: 6/12/15-6/14/15

scout picksLady Kielbasia could be part of your weekend. Photo by Michael Naumann/Flickr.

Believe it or not, there’s snow in these Scout Picks.

Third Life Studios Choreographer Series
8 p.m., $15-$20
Third Life Studio
33 Union Square
This performance series is an opportunity for area choreographers to test out their new work in front of a community audience and to share their work with others in the business. This performance will feature a number of local acts as well as Regina Nejman & Company from New York City. Buy advanced tickets here for a discount, and catch this one night affair!

SqueezeBox Slam
12-3 p.m., Free
7 Hills Park
Davis Square
Time to show your big squeeze the bigger squeeze at the 5th Annual SqueezeBox Slam Accordion Festival. In troubadour fashion, accordionists of all stripes will wander around the neighborhood celebrating their instruments. Accordion-themed arts and crafts will be available for purchase, and at 3 p.m., drag queen accordionist Lady Kielbasia will lead a group play along. As they say, “This is accordion anarchy!”

Draw 7 Park Cleanup
10 a.m-12 p.m., A little elbow grease
Draw 7 Park
Assembly Square
While we may be well on our way to repressing the memories of this winter, the snow is not quite done with us yet. All the snow cleared from the streets had to go somewhere, and in Somerville, a lot of it went into Draw 7 Park. The big pile has yet to completely melt, and where it’s receded, it’s left a plethora of debris and trash in its wake. Join Groundwork Somerville this Sunday for a massive cleanup of the park (sponsored by Assembly Row). This is part of a monthly outdoor maintenance project series led by Groundwork Somerville. Register for Sunday here, and for future projects, check out their site.

Nibble Open Kitchens
12-2 p.m., $15
Kitchen Inc.
201 Somerville Ave.
It’s a pop-up global food market! Seven students from Kitchen Inc.’s entrepreneurship workshpo for immigrants will test out their business ideas. Samples will be doled out and larger dishes sold, and you’ll be able to give feedback for these small business hopefuls. Cuisines include Venezuelan, Colombian, Sudanese and Brazilian. You could help make dreams come true!