SCOUT PICKS: 7/24/15-7/26/15

scout picksFrom Dan Mazur's The Jernegan Solution.

We’ve got dogs, we’ve got music, we’ve even got a way to fix your laptop. What more could you want from your Scout Picks?


Ian Ethan on 18-String Double Neck Guitar and Matthew Schoening on Electric Cello
7:30 p.m., $15-$20
Third Life Studio
33 Union Square
It’s not everyday that you get to hear music coming out of a guitar that looks more like a mythical creature than something that you might pick up in grade school. These musicians might as well have taken a note from the recent ArtBeat theme, loops: Ethan will build multilayerd compositions from his dual-necked machine, and Shoening will wow on his cello through the process of live looping. Truly a rare show not to miss!


Book Signing with Melissa McCue-McGrath
10 a.m.-2 p.m., Free
RiverDog Daycare
321 Somerville Ave.
If Somerville had a currency of its own, a dog would be featured on the $20 note. But taking care of a dog in the city can present unique challenges. In McCue-McGrath’s book, Considerations for the City Dog, looks at the issue delicately, with the knowledge that not all dogs are meant for an urban setting. Scoot down to RiverDog to have a chat with the author, have a glass of wine and, of course, treat your dog to some snacks.

Open Laptop Surgery
1-3 p.m., Free (donations accepted)
The Somerville Tool Library
577 Somerville Ave.
When you say your laptop is dead, you usually mean it’s out of juice and just needs a few minutes with the charger cord to be as good as new. There are times, though, when your computer baby just has to go under the knife. Bring all the tools and broken laptops you do and don’t have, and the Tool Library’s expert fixers will try to lend a hand to getting them up and running. You might even learn a thing or two.


Boston Comics Roundtable Creative Talk Series
2-4 p.m., Free
The Boston Comics Workspace
561 Windsor St., Studio 306
This is the second installment of the BCR’s Creative Talk Series, which invites artists and writers to discuss their work. This session will feature Dan Mazur, who will talk bout his nonfiction comic The Jernegan Solution, “a tale of a strange little gold rush that occurred in 1890s Maine.” Attendees will hear about how Mazur brought Jernegan into the world, from idea to the printed page.