Scout Status Update: We Still Need Your Help

Scout survived the weekend but we need more help to make it through the coming month. Will you help keep journalism local? Will you show out for Somerville and Cambridge? Will you become a Scout member today? We need you, your friends and your family on our team. 

This weekend our amazing readers and community supporters were able to pledge enough money that Scout won’t go dark. Our web hosting, email and payment processing will continue with your help. Scout’s archives will remain available and accessible.

History and Progress

Ten years of community reporting and pictorials won’t just disappear off the internet. A decade of stories and pictures preserved. Great work, everybody. You saved an endangered community history. Now it’s time to work on our future. 

The next phase is about raising enough money to support future content. Creating great local content takes time, money and expertise. Writers, photographers and illustrators need to be compensated for what they bring to the table. 

Every membership brings us closer to creating the original, local content that you love. Every membership, no matter how small, makes a big impact. 

Hope for the Future.

Your membership means their talents stay in our community, their skills maintain our democracy and their content enriches the neighborhood around us. Your membership means we’ll be able to exist as we restaff and rethink the way we do business. 

We’re lucky, we know that we have amazing stories and delightful characters around every corner in Somerville and Cambridge. These are cities chock full of makers and do-gooders. There is something magical happening around every corner. 

We will never, ever run out of stories to tell. 

That is what gives us the inspiration, the fuel, to seek out new solutions, new paths to get stories from you and to you. This is a community of innovators and communicators. Your support gives us the confidence to think outside the box, the confidence to get through. 

Thank you.

Click here to be come a Scout member.