Scout Supporter of the Day: Carlos

Photos by Amanda Macchia.

Our Scout Supporter of the Day is Carlos!

Carlos reads Scout for the mix of hyperlocal stories and stories that reach a more national audience.

“I think making stories relatable is super important in an era of information overload,” he says.

Right now, Carlos is focusing on figuring out how to get new sources of food and ingredients for cooking, given the limited amount of options for organic and natural foods at this time.

“I have been finding new ways to get ingredients and doing the research has given me a new perspective on the bottle necks in our supply chains,” he says. “I also think it counts as retail therapy and get to read and hear a ton of wonderful stories from farmers and producers innovating in this very difficult time.”

His go-to comfort meal has typically included something from a local cheese counter.

” I work in the cheese industry,” he says. “Cheese is a big part of our diet, and we have always just loved getting a selection of good cheeses and eat them for dinner with bread, pickles, jams, fruits, and nuts. Glass of wine or a beer. This is my comfort meal and one that we keep doing now. Cambridge and Somerville have so many wonderful cheese counters, so we have access to a lot of local options. Support New England cheesemakers, they are struggling!”

Thank you for your contributions to Scout, Carlos!

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