Scout Supporter of the Day: Christiane

Photos by Amanda Macchia.

Our Scout Supporter of the Day is Christiane!

Christiane’s favorite thing about Scout is getting to read about her city.

“Scout is great at keeping us up-to-date on the newest small businesses, especially the restaurants, which can be hard to keep track of when you’ve got two little kids at home!” Christiane says. “It’s great how the magazine reflects our city and our culture, really capturing what makes us unique.”

The stay-at-home order has given Christiane and her family a chance to take things slowly and spend more time with each other by doing things like eating breakfast altogether.

“We’ve also been trying to find new and creative games and activities to do outside,” she says. “Without the playgrounds, our kids are yearning for more than walks.”

Her go-to meal so far has been homemade pizza, which “gets accolades” from the kids. A new favorite takeout spot has been Scoop N Scootery.

Thank you for your contributions to Scout and for participating in #TheFrontStepsProject, Christiane!

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