Scout Supporter of the Day: Tamar

Photos by Amanda Macciha.

Our Scout Supporter of the Day is Tamar!

Tamar’s favorite thing about Scout is being able to stay current when it comes to her neighborhood.

“We have lots of places we love to go in Cambridge and Somerville, and what I really appreciate about Scout is that it’s helped us discover some of our favorites, and always keeps us up to date on what is new and interesting in and around our neighborhood,” she says.

She loved cooking before the stay-at-home advisory started, and she’s been enjoying taking more time to make meals at home.

“I think the joy of cooking might be what is keeping me, and my husband, sane!” Tamar says. “We moved into our house in December, in the middle of a kitchen renovation, so we couldn’t really cook at home for a couple of months and ate a lot of takeout.  Having a functioning kitchen, plus some extra time to experiment with what we make, has been really nice. Our kids made some really good brownies the other day so they are having fun with it, too.”

She’s also been enjoying patronizing some local favorites when it comes to ingredients and takeout.

“We’ve made Colu Henry’s maple and miso-glazed sheet pan salmon, using great fish from Hooked which I have been getting at Bow Market’s Safe Supply, twice already,” she says. “It’s very easy and really good. We also had a really lovely take-out dinner from Urban Hearth one night—we broke out the nice china and we could kind of imagine we were having a restaurant meal in our own dining room. “

Thanks for your contributions to Scout, Tamar!

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