Scout Supporters of the Day: Elizabeth and Lowell

Photos by Adrianne Mathiowetz.

Our Scout Supporters of the Day are Elizabeth and Lowell!

Elizabeth likes to read Scout to learn about what’s new in her community.

“I love the sense of discovery and community I get from reading Scout,” she says. “Every issue turns me on to a new place to explore, or tells the story of someone doing interesting, important work in our cities.”

Unplugging has been one way that she’s stayed sane during the stay-at-home advisory: “I’ve been trying to not read the news after 7 p.m. during this period. The stricter I am about this, the better.”

She’s been doing a lot of cooking (making a lot of Samin Nosrat’s Persian-ish tahdig rice, to be exact) and supporting her favorite businesses with take-out orders. 

“We’ve been doing curbside pickup of the inimitable fresh rolls from Kickstand Cafe and Cafe Zing,” she says. “We’ve also been getting weekly curbside pickup from the popcorn pop-up at Somerville Theatre in Davis Square and having family movie nights on Saturdays. These rituals help organize the weeks, give us something to look forward to, and let us show support for local businesses that we love.”

Thank you for your contributions to Scout, Elizabeth and Lowell!

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