Scout Update: Museum of Science, ArtBeat and More

Photo via @MuseumofScience on Twitter

It’s been a quiet week around these parts. Well, if you don’t count the illegal fireworks. And the sleep-deprived toddler running around Scout HQ. But mostly it has been quiet, which feels like some grand cosmic respite after the last few months of intense newsiness. Here are some of the stories that we’ve been following lately.

Cambridge’s First Female Mayor Passes Away

Barbara Ackerman, first female mayor of Cambridge, has passed away according to the Boston Globe. Ackerman was a classic Cantebridgian, a community-focused elected official with progressive politics. Ackerman became mayor after a string of cartoonishly evil white dudes held the office* and would help foster the People’s Republic we know and love today.

*See Mayor Daniel “War on Hippies” Hayes

Somerville Prepares for Phase 3

The City of Somerville is edging ever closer to Phase 3 of pandemic reopening, which includes large indoor venues. Somerville is following Boston’s July 13 schedule rather than the state’s July 6 while keeping the option of an even slower roll out on the table.  Scout is still a little freaked out by the prospect of sitting indoors surrounded by strangers but we’re glad progress is being made. 

Cambridge Eases Mask Requirements

The City of Cambridge is easing the requirements for masks in public. The guidelines, originally released in late April which feels like a lifetime ago, now allow for masks to be removed outside and restaurants while eating. There is still a $300 fine in place and there’s still a pandemic out there, so be sure to wear your mask when necessary/possible.

ArtBeat is Back

The show must go on and Somerville Arts Council has come up with some creative solutions to carrying on their much loved ArtBeat event. From July 10-18, SAC will be hosting virtual and IRL (!!!) events celebrating Somerville’s diverse and dynamic art scene. The lineup looks really strong with a typically diverse complement of media and messages. For the full schedule visit

Museum of Science Returns:

We were starting to think that we were going to have a summer without the Museum of Science. As dyed-in-the-wool indoor kids, Scout cherished our summer visits to the Museum of Science. Maybe it was the lack of stinging insects and sunburn, but a day amongst the exhibits was always a highlight of our school vacations. We are happy to see the Museum of Science is continuing its mission of making indoor kids happy in the heat.

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