Scout Weekend: June 7-9 air guitar edition

radioAs we head into another wet, rainy weekend, it’s time to get out your umbrella, get off your couch and find something fun to do in town.

Of course, Boston Pride Month will bring its parade to Government Center this Saturday, but if the parade (or maybe just standing in the rain) isn’t for you, we’ve got you covered with some great events right in Somerville.

Here’s what’s up for this weekend:


US Air Guitar 2013 Qualifier, Radio Upstairs, 381 Somerville Ave., 7 p.m.

Unleash your inner rock star – even if you’ve never mastered an instrument more intricate than a Guitar Hero controller. The US Air Guitar 2013 Qualifier will be held at Radio Upstairs in Union Square. Being an air guitar god requires loads of stage presence and confidence, but no talent, meaning that even the less “gifted” of musicians have a chance at heading to the Semifinals. Entry is $10 and for the 21+ crowd, and competitors must show up at 7 p.m. to sign in.

Invasion in the Square, Davis Square Theatre, 255 Elm St., 8 p.m.

One of two dub reggae shows in Somerville this weekend, the Invasion will feature Hub Dub, an energetic band that covers genres from dub to ska and promises lots of guest appearances, and Destroy Babylon, a roots reggae outfit that Performer Magazine calls a “DIY success.” Tickets are $10 and the show is open to 21+ only.


Assembled, Assembly Square, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

Haven’t gotten to check out the new Assembly Square yet? Saturday is your perfect chance. Assembled brings great crafts to the square, both by local artists and artists from the DIY website Etsy. Put on your raincoat and spend a few hours in the square. You can pick up a few new things and stay fed and hydrated at Burger Dive or the newly opened Starbuck’s.

SurReality, Davis Square Theatre, 255 Elm St., 7 p.m.-10 p.m.

Johnny Blazes hosts SurReality, the first original production by Urban Nomad Dance Co., a Tribal Fusion belly dance group. The show promises “dance, comedy, and theatrics” to explore the world of alter egos and different states of consciousness. Will the night truly be surreal? Find out Saturday night. Tickets are $16 through PayPal or $20 at the door.


DIY Success, Washington Street Art Center, 321 Washington St., 1 p.m.-3 p.m.

Want to leave your day job and pursue your dream project? Eleanor C. Whitney, author of Grow: How to Take Your Do It Yourself Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job, will teach you how to do just that with her workshop at Washington Street Art Center. The rock musician and Brooklynite released the book on June 1, and will expand on advice like “Remember that there will be dips … and prepare for them” and “Know your audience.” Check out the workshop this Sunday for $10.

Dub Apocalypse, Bull McCabe’s, 360A Somerville Ave, 10 p.m.

Cap off your weekend with another night of dub and reggae with the Boston-based Dub Apocalypse. The band features members on drums, guitar, bass, sax, trumpet and trombone, and it received the award for Best International Artist in the 2011 Boston Music Awards. Dub Apocalypse promises that eEach performance is a different experience, the band promises on its Facebook page, so its regular Sunday night performances at Bull McCabe’s should never go stale.