Scout’s Honored 2018

Over the past year, I’ve cracked open the 2017 Scout’s Honored issue many times. It’s helpful to have my neighbors’ advice at my fingertips, whether I’m looking for a new restaurant to try or figuring out where to find a notary.

We’re excited to present this updated guide to your city, determined by you and featuring the best of the businesses that you love.

This year we’ve taken a deeper dive into those businesses’ stories than ever before. During my interview with Richard Siegel, the owner of Stanhope Framers (p.16), he told me with an amazed look on his face about how he gets to hold and, for a time, work with a wide variety of art pieces. A remark he made about my job led me to feel like there’s a parallel between what he and I do—instead of artwork, I deal with the stories of the people of Somerville.

We met the owner of Boston Tattoo Company, who fell for tattooing when he was 18 years old (p.34). We chatted with Artisan Asylum’s new executive director to get a sense of where the nonprofit is headed (p.18). We drooled over dishes made by Somervillians who hail from all over the world (p.24).

Usually we get to find and choose the stories, but this time it was all in your hands, and we had a wonderful time following your recommendations.


Reena Karasin

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