Send Us Your Dad Stories

Interim Editor Sean L MaloneyScout's tiniest editor points out all of dad's typos.

We gotta make this quick while the toddler is distracted: Send us your Dad stories. Scout is assembling its first ever Dad Week, celebrating all the awesome dads of Somerville and Cambridge. We want to see pictures and hear stories about Dad’s doing dad stuff, especially during these last few months. We’ll be posting your tales of fatherhood in full effect all week in the lead up to Father’s Day, June 21.

Are you a Dad? Send us your best moments. Brag on yourself a bit. Do you love a dad? Let us know why they are amazing. It could be a big thing or little thing, an awesome adventure or a mundane chore. For example, as interim editor, I’d like to nominate myself for writing this post one-handed while holding a squirmy toddler in an ER waiting room.* It feels like the most dad-moment in my dad-career.

Send your dad stories to and stay tuned for more Dad Week fun.

*Mom busted her ankle. She’ll be okay but the ER is more extra than usual these days.  Anyway, buy your favorite health care worker a bottle of wine or 12, they deserve it.