September/October 2017

Emmy’s, schmemmy’s—there’s only one awards season that matters around here, and that’s Scout’s Honored Awards season.

We’ve rounded up more than 70 of the best businesses in Somerville, bringing you the ultimate list of the top restaurants, shops and services in town as voted by our readers. We tracked down Eater Boston‘s Rachel Leah Blumenthal and asked her to tell you where to find the city’s current can’t-miss dishes, and because it doesn’t seem fair that you kids get to have all the fun, we also played favorites with a handful of picks from our staff.

Awards aside, we sent one of our writers to check out a sensory deprivation tank in Magoun Square, and we stepped inside the classroom with the canine volunteers at Somerville Public Schools. Plus, we caught up with musician Dan Blakeslee, who’s making a triumphant return to Somerville in support of his latest album, The Alley Walker, and met a local woman who’s a professional snuggler. (Seriously!) We also find out what the holdup is with the stormwater management project slated for Nunziato Field.

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