Somerville coming together to cope

photoLast week was one emotional roller-coaster ride, but no one should ever feel alone – not in this neighborhood.

Whether you were directly affected by last week’s Marathon events, or dealing with the heightened stress related to the news coverage of the tragedy, Somerville Trauma Response Network is hosting a community discussion tonight from 6 – 7:30 p.m. at the Somerville Police Academy Training Room (220 Washington St.).

“This will be an opportunity to come together as a community to break the isolation and share knowledge and resources to build resiliency in ourselves; our community and our children,” the flier reads.

The Trauma Response Network will discuss the impact of trauma on adults, children and families. The Center for Homicide Bereavement will also be present, giving insight on grief and loss related to homicide. And finally, Somerville Police will address all questions related to recent events.

Following the presentations, the floor will be open to talk about remaining resilient and united with the community.