Spotlight: Union Press ushers in new book

DMAJMS-Cover“It’s never too early to start something.” This is one of the ideas behind Medford resident Miranda Aisling’s newest book, Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something. Aisling celebrated the book’s release with a party at Somerville’s Union Press on June 2.

Aisling explained her sentiment, which goes against the traditional saying, “It’s never too late to start something.” She wrote her first book at age 13, and later wrote three more; these experiences inspired to write her latest. “If you don’t write when you’re a child, you’re not going to write as an adult,” she says. “You need practice.”

The book’s title and overall message is that you shouldn’t base anything you make on the standards that are generally associated with “art.” “If you always try to make art, you’re never going to do anything,” she says. “You just have to do something.”

The release event mirrored this theme. Signs around the room invited guests to “play something” (join Aisling’s musical friends on the space’s makeshift stage), “build something” (use craft supplies to add to Aisling’s “Something City”), and “support something” (join Aisling’s Kickstarter promotion for the book).

The Kickstarter campaign will fund something more unique than the book itself: Aisling plans to create a “traveling edition” of the book with 150 copies. Each copy will have its own number and website where readers can talk about themselves and what they learned from the book. From there, they can pass the book along to a friend or maybe even a stranger. The campaign has yet to begin, but once it does it will last just one month. Stay up to date with Aisling’s Facebook page so you don’t miss out.

Union Press owner Eli Epstein, who designed the book’s cover, says he hopes to have more events in the space following the success of the book’s release party. Check out his shop at 440 Somerville Ave. in Union Square and purchase Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something on Amazon now.

 -Jake Reed