Support Somerville Musicians on Bandcamp

The Second Line Social Aid and Pleasure Society Brass Band at PorchFest 2013. Photo by Keith Simmons/Flickr.

Bandcamp is one of the internet’s best music businesses, a platform built on fair deals for artists. The website has been encouraging fans with funds to spare to support artists, waiving their revenue share on sales for 24 hours on the first Friday of the Month . On March 20 and May 1, fans spent over $11.4 million on merchandise and music, which went directly to the artists. The campaign will continue July 5, plus an additional Juneteenth observation (6/19) where funds will be donated to the NAACP.

With streams of revenue jeopardized due to the coronavirus pandemic, music outlets are establishing their own efforts to support artists. Major tours and gigs have been suspended until the foreseeable future, but this has not stopped the demand for musical diversion. The shift to in-home livestreams has pushed artists toward digital engagement that rally support for both themselves and the music industry. Here’s a handful of our neighborhood favorites.

Raavi & the Houseplants

Raavi & the Houseplants vocalist Raavi Malik’s ruminations are gentle and merciful in their December 2019 LP, Don’t Hit Me Up, an indie rock assemblage of catchy riffs and choruses. The band have birthed a few other releases, including one EP and two singles. They’ve been keeping themselves busy with a slate of live stream shows, with forthcoming performances at ONCE Somerville and a stream with the band Leggy, promoted by Booked By Grandma. 

Doug Tuttle

Psychedelic rocker Doug Tuttle has endeavored on multiple masterpieces influenced by rock, psychedelia and folk music, though every now and then he drifts away into another realm. Tuttle found his way in Boston as a member of a lo-fi, experimental group, Mmoss, with his former lover. After his relocation to Somerville, he began his solo efforts in a makeshift studio of his own. His wide discography touches on a multitude of sounds, with one of his most recent records, Dream Road, being more laid back. 

Asher Tull

asher tull is another performing artist whose unique sound has allowed for an extensive discography. Working in East Somerville, tull has instrumentalized his body of work with recorded sounds for over fifteen years. Using these as his main medium, his compositions are both forceful and energetic. The palette of sounds tull uses embodies all different kinds of moods, which makes the listening experience all the more enjoyable.