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Go Beyond Barbells at These Somerville Fitness Centers

Sometimes, all you want from a gym is to pop in your earbuds, jump on a treadmill and tune out while you work out. But if you’re looking to get fit in a space that offers a little more, you’ll want to check out one of these Somerville gyms—where community is one of the keys to […]

Have a Class-y New Year: 15 Classes to Take in 2015

Ah, the dreaded New Year’s resolution. Broken nearly as often as they’re made, these annual promises to learn something new or grow as an individual can be the cause of much stress and anxiety. Here at Scout, we want to guide you on your road to self-improvement, so we trekked around town finding the best […]

January/February Editor’s Note: Sweatin’ and Stressin’

I’m not really the kind of person who enjoys a lot of physical activity. I bike everywhere (out of necessity – it’s cheaper and faster than driving or taking the T), and I will occasionally go hiking (which I mostly enjoy because I get to pet other people’s dogs). So when I was photographing a […]