artisan’s asylum

A Day at the Artisan’s Asylum

The Artisan’s Asylum is one of the largest makerspaces in the country, and on any given day, you’re bound to run into a slew of local creators—all working on completely different projects. We dropped by one rainy Monday to capture a snapshot of what a typical afternoon in the building might look like. Dick Rubinstein […]

Becoming ‘The Girl Who Can Build Anything’

Somerville resident and local artist Sarah Miller had her “a-ha” moment about what she wanted to do with her life when she was taking architecture classes at California Polytechnic State University Pomona. Call it youthful naivety, but at the age of 20 she had a sense that what she was learning in her classes didn’t […]

‘How do we build community through this?’: Local Businesses React To Coronavirus

Small businesses, nonprofits, and arts establishments in Somerville have been seeing the effects of the coronavirus firsthand. As the city shuts down, it seems that no industry is exempt from the impact of the pandemic.  While some storefronts and organizations have temporarily closed their doors, others have chosen to take steps to reinforce their support […]

The Maker’s Mark

As skyrocketing real estate prices cause rents to soar, maintaining space for the arts in Somerville is increasingly difficult. Still, arts and recreation thrive in a recently developed non-industrial complex—located in a historically industrial space.  Along the abandoned B&M railroad line and within one of Somerville’s oldest industrial neighborhoods lies the Somernova business complex. It […]

Friends and Family Class: Make a Ukelele

Develop your basic woodworking skills by building a ukulele from a simple wood kit. Sand, glue, assemble, and personalize your one-of-a-kind instrument and learn a few basic chords along the way. No prior music or woodworking experience required. Leave the class with a uke in your hands, a song in your heart, and a smile […]

Alien Adornment: 50 Years of Star Trek Jewelry

Two-part event!: In a first-time public engagement, iconic Star Trek jewelry prop maker Maggie Schpak will transport to the Somerville Armory to present her insights and artistry derived from a life of creating adornment for humans and other species. After fifty years of creating prop jewelry magic, the Queen of Makers will debut stories, never-seen […]

Yoga in the Art Asylum

Join me at Artisan’s Asylum for yoga & creative wellness in their Community Maker’s Space, home to hundreds of artists who build and create everything from jewelry to robotics! Amidst this eclectic warehouse environment, we will explore one hour of Power Yoga followed by refreshments from Willies Superbrew and Waku Wellness Tea. After class you […]

Artisan’s Asylum: The Watercolor Wonders of Supernova with Chie Yasuda (Live Demo)

Join us on Wednesday, September 26th for a talk and live demo by Chie Yasuda, a Somerville-based watercolor artist originally from Japan. Come and listen to her talk about her newest art series inspired by “supernova.” She will take this time to speak about her inspiration for her artwork and how science informs her creations. […]

Speaker Series: Abraham’s Metal Gifts Made with Love

Abraham’s son Robert is on a mission to promote the life and artwork of his father. Join us this July 26th, where Robert will speak on his father’s life and art! This one-of-a-kind experience is something you don’t want to miss! Abraham Megerdichian, 1923-1983, worked as a machinist in Massachusetts from the time he graduated […]

Meet Artisan Asylum’s New Executive Director

Lars Hasselblad Torres will take over as executive director at Artisan’s Asylum on Aug. 6. We spoke with him about why he wanted to join the local makerspace and what his vision is for its future. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I’m an artist. I work in the collage media, and these days […]

The Road to Crowdfunding, The PAKT One Story w/ IDSA Boston

Join IDSA Boston and Artisan’s Asylum for a talk hosted by Jordan Nollman, CEO and principal of Sprout Studios. Take a tour of the Artisan’s Asylum’s extensive makerspace and learn how a local Boston company created a campaign that raised over 1.7 million dollars on Indigogo. Doors open at 6pm and the talk begins at […]

Speaker Series: The Collision of Art & Science

Description of Event: Art & Science do not have to be exclusive pursuits. In fact when they are joined together the results can be both surprising and powerful. The pendulum of my vocation has swung from art to science and back again enough times for me to realize that I need both in my life […]