brad rawson

It Takes A ‘Ville-age: Part III

This is the third in our four-part series highlighting local leaders in Somerville, which first appeared in our July/August issue. You can find part I here and part II here. “What we know about young people is that they’re at an age of transition, and we can hear their story,” says Antwan Steed. Steed is the […]

Dear Barack Obama, Formerly of Somerville

Everyone here at Scout freaked out a little bit last month when President Barack Obama called into Deval Patrick’s radio show. “Governor, this is Barack Obama, formerly of Somerville,” the Commander in Chief intoned. “I’ve got a few complaints.” Of course, he was kidding; the prez really just wanted to congratulate the outgoing governor on two successful terms. Still, we […]

For Your Consideration: Somerville by Design Comes to Winter Hill

Somerville is changing. The T is coming, and with it a slew of economic and housing developments. Some are calling Somerville, with its recent rise in rents and uptick in student residents, the next Cambridge. There’s no way to stop it, but there may be a way to guide it, and that’s what Brad Rawson […]