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Let Me Break You Up: An Anti-Dating Game Show

Let’s be honest, love doesn’t exist, couples suck, and Valentine’s Day is bullshit. Join your host Carly Ann Filbin as she tests real life couples to see if they are meant to be together (they aren’t). The couple with the least amount of points at the end of the night will have to break-up because […]

Boston Comedy Festival’s New Years Eve Spectacular

Comedian Jim McCue and the Boston Comedy Festival have become a Davis Square tradition! For five years now comedian Jim McCue has brought in the New Year with some of Boston’s Best Comedians. This year promises to be another great way to laugh out the old and laugh in the New. The fact that Jim […]

BEER ME! Voted Best Comedy Show in the ‘Ville

Winter Hill Brewing Company’s BEER ME! Best Comedy Show 328 Broadway, (617) 718-2337 You might be surprised to learn that Somerville’s best comedy show is run by a brewery. And based on the caliber of Winter Hill Brewing Company’s beer program, you’d guess the owners were focused only on their beer. But Jeff Rowe […]