digital literacy

P2P Technologies: Is My Basement Flooded?

Increasingly, cities, businesses, and individuals are all using devices that help them learn about the status of important infrastructure: Is the road flooded? Is my basement flooded? Is the greenhouse too hot? But many of these services are proprietary. If the company goes away or changes their terms of service, you suddenly lose your investment […]

Digital Literacy 101: Digital Marketing Graphics with Canva

During this two hour workshop you will learn how to use Canva – a free, graphic-design tool website with access to millions of graphics, photographs and fonts. This is a great class geared towards artists, activists, creatives, business owners and alike who want to spend little time on creating high quality graphics without necessarily knowing […]

Digital Literacy 101: Introduction to Google Suite

The Somerville Public Library and Somerville Media Center are excited to announce our Fall 2019 workshops as part of our collaborative training program for improving people’s digital & technology skills. To register, call the Somerville Media Center at 617-628-8826 or send Erica an email at For more information, please visit