Intro to Coding with Arduino

An introduction to the most loved simple computer around, the Arduino is an open-source electronic prototyping platform enabling users to create interactive electronic objects. Learn the basics of how to write code, assign pins and make lights blink at different variables. FREE! register at fabville.eventbrite.com More info at fabville.net @ Healey School, 5 Meacham St. […]

Freakin’ Laser Beams! Intro to laser cutting and engraving

Learn how to operate the laser cutter at Fabville. This workshop will cover making your own designs with gravit.io and exporting/preparing your work for the laser to cut or engrave materials like cardboard, plywood, and acrylic. * Unfortunately this location can’t accommodate using acrylic at this time, but we have 1/8″ wood available for use. […]

Flat is Boring: Intro to 3D Printing at Fabville

Want to 3D print something at Fabville, but have never used a 3D printer before? This is the place to start! Learn the basics of how 3D printers work, how to find printable 3D models on the internet that you can download, modify, and print, and learn how to get started in 3D modeling with […]

Introduction to Coding with Micro:bit

Learn the basics of this tiny computer you can program to make lights blink and use other input sensors. If you’ve never used code before but would like to understand it, this will be a great class! Similar to Scratch, Micro:bit uses drag-and-drop block coding you can piece together to make commands. FREE! register at […]

Decked Out Decals: Intro to Vinyl Cutting at Fabville

Master the vinyl cutter at Fabville to design, cut, prepare, and apply your own custom vinyl stickers. Learn how to make your own custom vector graphics using gravit.io and Roland CutStudio, and explore how to prepare graphics from other design programs (like Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator) to use with the vinyl cutter. We have computers […]