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‘We Envision Gas Stations As Hubs of Environmental Advocacy’

You use reusable shopping bags. You recycle, and maybe even compost. You take the T whenever you can. But sometimes, driving is unavoidable—maybe your job is inaccessible by public transit, or maybe the bus never showed. You take your car, even though you cringe when you think of the impact non-electric cars have on the […]

Greentown Labs Gears Up to Open New Center

Greentown Labs, the country’s largest cleantech startup incubator, will open a facility in early December that will more than double its square footage. The incubator offers lab, event, and coworking space for new companies that are focused on solving environmental and energy-related problems. Its new expansion, the Greentown Labs Global Center, aims to be a gathering […]

It Takes a ‘Ville-age: Part II

This is the second in our four-part series highlighting local leaders in Somerville, which first appeared in our July/August issue. You can find part I here. When Methodist pastors are appointed to a new church, that nomination isn’t only to their congregation but to that city or town at large—a commitment that Justin Hildebrandt takes […]