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Human Sacrifice and Power in the Kerma Kingdom

Elizabeth Minor Visiting Assistant Professor in Anthropology, Wellesley College The Kerma Kingdom was an ancient Nubian civilization located in present-day Sudan. Its capital, the city of Kerma, had monumental architecture and religious art depicting deities in the form of lions, scorpions, and hybrid figures such as winged giraffes and hippopotamus goddesses. During the Classic Kerma […]

Life and Death in Ancient Egypt: Biomedical Analysis of Mummies and Canopic Jars

The Harvard Semitic Museum welcomes Professor Frank Rühli, Founding Chair and Director of the Institute of Evolutionary Medicine, University of Zurich. Egyptian mummies and the remains found in ancient canopic jars can now be studied in great detail using noninvasive medical imaging techniques such as X-rays and computerized tomography, and chemical analysis using gas chromatography–mass […]

Breaking the Noses on Egyptian Statues

Public Lecture by Edward Bleiberg Senior Curator, Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Art, Brooklyn Museum Why are the noses broken on Egyptian statues? Why were other sculpted body parts, including eyes, mouths, arms, and feet, purposely shattered in antiquity? Focusing on the ancient world of the pharaohs and on the Late Antique world that […]