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It Takes a ‘Ville-age: Part II

This is the second in our four-part series highlighting local leaders in Somerville, which first appeared in our July/August issue. You can find part I here. When Methodist pastors are appointed to a new church, that nomination isn’t only to their congregation but to that city or town at large—a commitment that Justin Hildebrandt takes […]

VIDEO: Scout Managing Editors on SCATV’s Greater Somerville

Last Tuesday, Scout Magazine’s Managing Editors Emily Cassel and Emily Hopkins made their television debut on the weekly SCATV program “Greater Somerville” with Joe Lynch. The trio talked about all things Somerville, from their favorite restaurants to their… second-favorite restaurants.

‘Greater Somerville’ Presents a Year in Review

On the latest episode of “Greater Somerville,” Co-hosts KyAnn Anderson and Joe Lynch celebrate the New Year and take a look back at the top news and community stories from 2013. Anderson and Lynch also explain a few changes to the website and where to watch the latest episodes. For updates and the latest episodes […]