live show

Pulp Diction: Haunted Halloween

Join us as we perform four frightening live radio plays to celebrate Halloween! An experiment gone wrong ends in terror when Slurp Goes the Amoeba! From the bowels of the earth creeps The Thing on the Fourble Board!, the scariest radio play ever broadcast! Madness waits within The Yellow Wallpaper – a world premiere adaptation […]

Jazz and Funk Night ft. City of Four & Special Guest: NwaSoul

Cambridge’s premier music venue, Lizard Lounge, is hosting Bring the Funk! – a new series curated by saxophonist Mike Caudill and bassist Blain Crawford both of the band City of Four. They play an original brand of instrumental music, influenced by jazz, funk, fusion, pop/rock, hip hop, and other genres. With each edition of this new […]

Radio Drama Sees a Revival in Davis Square

Many historians will say that the “Golden Age” of radio drama ended almost 80 years ago. But for the Post-Meridian Radio Players (PMRP), it’s alive and well in Davis Square.  At a live show, the sound effects are made on stage—we see the water poured slowly into a teacup, the envelope hastily ripped open, the […]