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Scout Needs Your Help To Survive, Now More Than Ever

We’re sure no one is surprised to hear that our small, independently owned local media outlet was barely making ends meet before this week. But with all of our revenue—which comes almost entirely from small business advertising partners—being cut off, the situation for Scout Magazines has become dire. Our mission has always been supporting the people and the […]

Free Screening of Joan Walsh Anglund: Life in Story and Poem

The premier public screening of a documentary about the renowned children’s book author Joan Walsh Anglund, produced and directed by Tim Jackson. Introduced by the film-maker with a special guest appearance and performance by the film’s composer Bertrand Laurence. ……………………………………………. This film chronicles the life of the 93-year old Joan Walsh Anglund in her own […]

“Life’s For Leaps” – Getting to Know Misadventures Magazine

Every year, thousands of people head up to the mountains, out on the sea and into the depths in search of the unknown. Records are broken, stories are created, bonds are forged—all in the name of outdoor adventure. But many of these narratives remain dormant, something Somerville’s Zoe Balaconis is working to change. By day, […]