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MOM KNOWS BEST: Surviving Summer Travel With Your Child

Summer is here, and by the time you read this article, I’ll be heading West in my trusty little toaster car to visit with family. It’s not a vacation—and I probably won’t have one of those until my kids are well out of college—but it is our family trip for the summer. We took our first […]

MOM KNOWS BEST: A Midlife Crisis Guide to Somerville

As Scout Somerville turns 40 (issues) old this month, I’m preparing to turn 40 (years) old this December. For Scout, this is a time for celebration. For me—I’m not so sure yet. I’m conflicted about it. I think I’m supposed to feel fabulous; at least one supermarket magazine a month tells me so. Every time I start […]

MOM KNOWS BEST: What This Mom Wants for Mother’s Day

On Sunday we celebrate mothers. It’s a big day; millions of dollars will be spent on flowers, brunch and gifts so we will feel special. But when Monday comes, it brings with it the reality that, for many, motherhood can also carry a certain professional liability. Some time ago I was at a public meeting […]

MOM KNOWS BEST: What to do When you Feel Overwhelmed

While I try not to give too much unsolicited advice to new parents, the one thing I am always quick to do is remind them of that thing they say on planes about putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others. The idea being, obviously, that if you’re suffocating you’re just no use to […]