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Boston Comedy Festival Stand Up Contest: Prelim Round 3

Join The Boston Comedy Festival at the Preliminary round of a nationwide stand-up competition. Forty-Five, bright-eyed comics from all over the country compete for $10,000 dollars in prize money.  When it’s over, there will be one comic standing with a nice little bag of money and a ton of bragging rights. Hosted by Will Smalley Comedian […]

Introducing Community Blog Posts

Have strong opinions? We want to hear ’em. Dust off your laptops and flex those typing fingers – Scout Somerville is now accepting submissions for community blog posts.

January/February Editor’s Note: Sweatin’ and Stressin’

I’m not really the kind of person who enjoys a lot of physical activity. I bike everywhere (out of necessity – it’s cheaper and faster than driving or taking the T), and I will occasionally go hiking (which I mostly enjoy because I get to pet other people’s dogs). So when I was photographing a […]

Changes to Somerville’s snow policies: what you need to know

We’ve had a downright balmy holiday season here in the ‘ville, but the WBZ-TV AccuWeather team is predicting above-average snowfall for the region come 2015. What does that mean for you? Well, for starters, global factors indicate that you could be seeing 10 to 20 inches more snow than you do during the average winter. But […]