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Acrobatic Conundrum: The Fig Tree Waltzes

A modern circus show like none other, delivered by one of the top dance and aerial troupes in the nation: Acrobatic Conundrum. The show follows a group of performers whose virtuosio athletic feats are offset with the fragilites of humanity, and the inevitable risks of passion and love. In a world where stakes are high […]

Champions of the Boston Comedy Festival

When 48 up-and-coming comedians step into the ring of the Boston Comedy Festival, it’s only the most innovative and ground-breaking of stand-ups that emerge as champions. Returning to the stage of the Rockwell Theatre, Champions of the Boston Comedy Festival brings back four of their past winners to showcase the best talent throughout the years. […]

Boston Comedy Festival Stand Up Contest: Prelim Round 1

Join The Boston Comedy Festival at the Preliminary round of a nationwide stand-up competition. Forty-eight, bright-eyed comics from all over the country compete for $10,000 dollars in prize money.  When it’s over, there will be one comic standing with a nice little bag of money and a ton of bragging rights.   Hosted By: Nick […]

70mm Film Festival Celebrates Cinematic Classics

“Big things have small beginnings,” Claude Rains intones in Lawrence of Arabia, David Lean’s four-hour Super Panavision saga. Bellowed in 6-Track stereo sound before a packed house at the Somerville Theatre, as Rains’ likeness dominates the century-old screen, the statement couldn’t seem any more absurd. And yet, according Ian Judge, who programmed the 70mm & Widescreen Festival—which runs at the […]