Shira (Shifra) Freewoman Featured at Story Space Tue 04/09/2019

Shira (Shifra) Freewoman: aka Shira, “The Rattlin’ Rabbi”, presents Tripping with the Music: What a Trip it has been and What Present-Future Do we Spin? Storyteller, poet, minstrel-maggid, visual artist and activist, Shira will do a re-telling of her story, with important moments that offered choices and turning points. There is a $5 requested donation. […]

Our Favorite Stories of 2018

1. ‘We Envision Gas Stations As Hubs of Environmental Advocacy’ You use reusable shopping bags. You recycle, and maybe even compost. You take the T whenever you can. But sometimes, driving is unavoidable—maybe your job is inaccessible by public transit, or maybe the bus never showed. You take your car, even though you cringe when […]