Story Space

The Gang of Six Featured at Story Space Tue 11/26/2019

The Gang of Six: (the turkeys behind Story Space) present a mini-Tellabration!™ They gobbled up the feature slot, but it won’t all be gravy. Open Telling will be a yam session, the thyme stuffed with saucy tales about T-Days past. A cranberry good time, even the green beans’ll have a roll in this mash-up. Feature’s […]

Mike Cohen Featured at Story Space Tuesday

Mike Cohen celebrates his birthday, a week late. Expect unusual tales from deep in Mike’s repertoire, from ancient Ireland, the swamps of Florida just before a huge hurricane, and the vast depths of space. Feature’s website: There is an $8 requested donation. Every Tuesday night is Story Space from 6:45 P.M to 9:00 P.M. […]

Mike Lockett Featured at Story Space on Tuesday

Mike Lockett Featured at Story Space Tue 11/05/2019 Mike Lockett: Dr. Mike Lockett is an international storyteller and a children’s author. He has given over 4000 programs across 32 states and in 17 countries. Mike lives in Normal, Illinois and is sometimes called the Normal Storyteller. But there is nothing normal about his stories and […]

Robert Isenberg Featured at Story Space Tue 10/29/2019

Robert Isenberg: Named “Ro-BEAR” by late storytelling legend Brother Blue, this is one comic guy. A former humor columnist for Gatehouse Newspapers, his new book “Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga – And Other Very, Very Funny Stories” has been a well-selling hit on Amazon. Need a laugh? We thought so! Feature’s website: There is […]

Andy Davis Featured at Story Space Tuesday

Andy Davis: got his start as a storyteller telling tales by candlelight in Mexican refugee camps 25 years ago. Co-director of the NH White Mountains World Fellowship Center, Andy pays us his annual visit, this time around with a set of stories to ease us in to the darker time of the year. Feature’s website: […]

Claire Beetlestone Featured at Story Space Tue 09/24/2019

Any war is brutal, but civil wars are the cruelest. Yet, life must continue wounded: daily tasks to ensure food and shelter must go on, and moments of joy, however fleeting, are cherished. These are the stories of a few people during the Nigerian Civil War or Biafran Conflict. There is a $5 requested donation. […]

Laura Packer Featured at Story Space Tue 09/17/2019

Laura Packer: Laura Packer knows the best way to truth is a through good story. She has been a storyteller for over 25 years. She has performed around the world, including at Story Space. Whether truth, fiction, or traditional, Laura’s stories are intriguing and full of wonder. Find out more at Feature’s website: […]