Will Dailey

Old School Game Show Will Weird Up the Wilbur

In October 2015, before its third season kicked off at OBERON, Old School Game Show’s creators told us the show was “what would happen if The Price is Right got drunk and danced on a table.” And it certainly hasn’t gotten any less zany over the last year—why would it? The one-of-a-kind, interactive variety production—part TV series, part musical, part comedy […]

All Dogs Go to PorchFest, and Other Non-Musical Attractions

Over 200 acts performed on Saturday for PorchFest, the annual music festival that draws thousands of ‘Villens out of their houses and into the streets. The genres were diverse–from gypsy rock to jazz piano to folk violin–and surely everyone came for the music first and foremost. But as we wandered around from porch to porch (or […]