It’s Britney, Brunch: Pun-Heavy Thunder Road Brunch Menu Debuts This Weekend

thunder road brunch

“Casseroling in the Deep,” “Sausage Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band,” “Caprese Little Thing Called Love”—if you love music, puns and/or breakfast foods, you’ll love the new Thunder Road brunch menu.

Beginning this Sunday, July 31, the music venue and restaurant will be dishing out sweet, savory and shareable options dreamed up by Zach Hirtz and Jayson Zeeman, who was formerly behind the seven-days-a-week Z-Rant brunch menu at ZuZu. Brunch runs from 10-3, and menu items include Eggs Bennie and the Jets, served with an arugula salad and southern cheddar grits, signature waffles—filed under Ring My Belgian—and three different Barbara Streisandwiches. The Duck and Fontina Turner will have your mouth watering from the description alone.

The puns don’t stop there: There’s also a brand new beverage menu with a bloody Mary (Sunday Bloody Sunday), a margarita (Margaretha Franklin) and a drink concocted with house-made spiced rum, ginger beer, lime and candied ginger (Spice Girls, obviously).

Thunder Road owner Charlie Abel says that the restaurant is sticking to Sundays for now, but that if all goes well he’d consider introducing brunch on Saturdays and extending the hours beyond 10-3.

You can check out the full menu—including drinks—below.