Tonight at 5: Cinco de Mayo Cooking Class

Tonight, join Scout, The Boston Shaker and the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts for  tele-cooking and tele-cocktails. It’s our foray into the world of online education and a pass-the-hat benefit to help Scout and some great locals weather the storm.  

Chef Sean and Chef Jerrod will be teaching us the fine art of Mexican carne asada and Mexican churros, while the cocktail experts at The Boston Shaker teach us how to make a perfect margarita. And then once we’ve mastered those skills, we’ll never have to leave the house again.

(Though we will leave the house the second we have the chance because margaritas always taste better on a patio. It’s a law of nature.)

Donate Now!

It’s free to join and free to watch but we will be accepting donations via Cambridge Local First to help support Scout and CSCA while we navigate these dire straits. Our Cinco De Mayo fundraiser will be running from 10 a.m. Tuesday to 10 a.m. Wednesday. We’ll return to our regular ad-sponsored model as soon as it is feasible and ethical to do so.

Scout will post the Zoom log-in information ten minutes before class. If you’d like the info sooner, feel free to DM @scoutmags on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more of Scout’s online classes and community gatherings, including of May 20 Dog Training class.